McParland Memorial Award

For excellence in maintenance engineering and reliability in the minerals industry

Donald J. McParland was a founding member of the Mechanical-Electrical Division and its first Chairman. After a short and distinguished period with Noranda and Rio Algom, he joined the Brinco organization and eventually became its president and chief executive officer, primarily responsible for the design and construction of the giant Churchill Falls project. His brilliant career was tragically ended in 1969 at the age of forty in an airplane crash at Labrador City. Mr. McParland was engaged in a tour as a CIM Distinguished Lecturer at the time, concentrating his efforts on the small isolated Branches of the Institute. The Mechanical-Electrical Division was established by Mr. McParland and his CIM associates in 1961 to provide a forum for the people and the technology in the field, which had become such a vital part of the mining industry, filling a recognized need. It seemed totally appropriate that a suitable award, under the auspices of the M-E Division, should be established, and that it should commemorate the memory of the founding Chairman and a most remarkable Canadian engineer. Approval for the award was given by the CIM Council in 1972 and sponsorship for the design and execution of the Medal was generously undertaken by Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation, for a period of 10 years. The fallen maple leaf in the design depicts a young Canadian abruptly severed from his life and country at the height of his career - a most fitting tribute.


1. The McParland Memorial Award for Excellence in Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability is awarded for outstanding performance in the minerals industry in the field of mechanical, electrical or civil engineering design, general plant design, project engineering and/or management of mine plants. The award may also recognize innovations in mine plant installations or in operating and maintenance methods. Major improvements in equipment used in the mining industry or the development of new types of equipment by engineers in the equipment manufacturing industry will also qualify.
The award is to be presented from time to time as conditions warrant, but not more than one award shall be made in any given year.
3. Nominations for the award shall be made over the signatures of at least ten (10) CIM national members and forwarded to the Executive Director of the Institute by December 1st of the year prior to the presentation of the award.
4. All nominations must be accompanied by a brief description of the meritorious contribution and its value to the mineral industry. A biographical sketch of the recommended candidate is also to be given.
5. The award shall be adjudicated by the Awards Committee of the Maintenance/Engineering Division, which includes the Division Chairman and the Past Chairman remaining on the Executive Committee.
6. The recommendation of the M/E Awards Committee is to be sent to the CIM Executive Director not later than the last day of January in the calendar year of the award year for consideration and approval of CIM Council.
7. The members of the Awards Committee shall not be party to the nomination of any candidate.
8. When reasonably possible, the recipient shall be expected to receive the Award in person at the annual CIM Conference & Exhibition following the announcement of the Award, or at such other place and time agreeable to the CIM Council.
9. All nominations properly presented shall remain in good standing for a period of three (3) years unless formally withdrawn over the signatures of a majority of members responsible for the nomination.
10. The award can be made to any person in Canada, or elsewhere, although it is preferable that it be made to a CIM National Member.


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