The Graduate Student Research Excellence Award


The aim of the award is to provide a platform for the dissemination of innovative thinking of benefit to the mining industry from the Society’s brightest new minds, and to provide a means to allow such contributions to be recognised.

The award will permit a current or recent graduate student to attend the MER Society’s MeMO conference to present their findings. The winner of the award will be recognised through the peer review process of the CIM Journal. The award is expected to be made annually. It is open to graduate students currently enrolled at a University, or those who have obtained their postgraduate qualification no more than six months prior to submission.


A. An award of $2,500 be made available towards the travel and accommodation costs of a current, or recent graduate student to make a presentation at the next MeMO conference of the CIM Maintenance Engineering & Reliability Society, in the year following the decision of the award.

B. That in the year of the award, any CIM membership fees will be waived, or covered by the MER Society for the awardee, with the provisos that at the time of application for the award:

i. the awardee identifies his or her affiliation within the CIM with the MER Society (as a first choice Society), if not already affiliated with the MER Society.

ii. The awardee commits to additionally presenting their contribution to their local branch of the CIM within one year of the award, if this is wanted by the Branch.

C. That the award be made on the basis of paper submissions made to the CIM Journal that are routed for review by members of the CIM MER peer review panel and awards and scholarship sub-committee.

D. That the meaning of a graduate student shall include anybody registered on a graduate program at a learned institution, such as a University or College, and will include a person who, at the time of submission of application, has received written notification from their learned institution that they have satisfied all the requirements of their graduate program, not more than six months prior to paper submission.

E. That the paper makes an original, possibly innovative, but definitely excellent contribution to the body of knowledge concerning the topics of maintenance, engineering or reliability in the mineral industry.

F. That if, at the time of submission of the paper, the graduate student, as defined in d), is not a member of the CIM, nor has identified her or his affiliation within the CIM to the MER Society, that she or he may be contacted to declare such membership and/or affiliation and thus become eligible for the award.

G. That the paper can be co-authored but that the awardee must be the first named author of the paper in recognition of their personal contribution to the work reported and the joint authorship.