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Developing Relationships in Tailings Management - How to build Meaningful Relationships
A collaboration between the Tailings Management Working Group and the Indigenous Relations Committee
18 May 2021


ISO Standard - Closure and Reclamation Planning - Update
Michael Nahir, 4 March 2021


Developing Relationships in Tailings Management - Why It Is Important
Matthew Picard and Chief Terry Teegee, Feb 2021


Jan Boon’s Field Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining – In Memoriam
February 11, 2021


Sustainability of Lithium Extraction in South America
July 7, 2020 webinar with Don Hains, Alexander Grant, Carlos Galli

The Gender Physics Leadership Advantage 
February 13, 2020 webinar with Betty-Ann Heggie


Innovation in Mining Through Biomining and Genomics
November 14, 2019 webinar with Nadia Mykytczuk and Julie Champagne 


When Demands for Social License Become an Attack on Democracy 
October 10, 2019 webinar with CIM Distinguished Lecturer Brian Crowley

Comparative Analysis of Social Conflict Around Mining in Latin America

June 11, 2019 webinar with Paul Haslam
Slideshare | Video


Climate Change and Mining
May 16, 2019 webinar with Graham Winkelman
Slideshare | Video


The Human Element in Engineering
January 10, 2019 webinar with Mike Davies


ESRS Quarterly Meeting
December 13, 2018


Why sustainability and stakeholder management makes good business sense for the mining business … and your shareholders too
November 15, 2018 webinar with CIM Distinguished Lecturer Siri Genik
Slideshare | Video | Sociology for Mineral Exploration | Transitioning from Mining to Solar


Progressing Diversity and Inclusion in the Mining Industry
October 21, 2018 webinar with Anna Tudela
Slideshare | Video


Tailings failure case studies, statistics and failure modes
October 11, 2018 presentation by Chad LePoudre
Slideshare | Video


The Role of Local Procurement & Disclosure in Responsible Mining
June 14, 2018 webinar with Jeff Geipel and Emily Nickerson
Slideshare | Video


Maximizing Value-Add of Mining Developments
February 8, 2018 webinar with Karen Chovan, Janice Zinck and Bryan Tisch
Slideshare | Video


Some Indigenous Views on Disclosure Reporting from Mines
January 30, 2018 webinar with Lana Eagle, Edith Garneau and Ian Thomson