Some Indigenous Views on Disclosure Reporting from Mines
January 30, 2018 webinar with Lana Eagle, Edith Garneau and Ian Thomson 

Maximizing Value-Add of Mining Developments 
February 8, 2018 webinar with Karen Chovan, Janice Zinck and Bryan Tisch

The Role of Local Procurement & Disclosure in Responsible Mining
June 14, 2018 webinar with Jeff Geipel and Emily Nickerson

Tailings failure case studies, statistics and failure modes
October 11, 2018 presentation by Chad LePoudre

Progressing Diversity and Inclusion in the Mining Industry
October 21, 2018 webinar with Anna Tudela

Why sustainability and stakeholder management makes good business sense for the mining business … and your shareholders too
November 15, 2018 webinar with Siri Genik