About Us



ESRS's vision is to provide leadership and professional development opportunities as they relate to the social and environmental responsibility and performance of the Canadian mining industry. 

ESRS encourages leading practices, a culture of responsibility, and enhanced social and environmental performance management of the industry through collaboration with all interested and affected parties. 



Educate and promote strategies to prevent conflicts and improve mining-community relations by moving towards integrated, inclusive and transparent planning & partnered developments, as well as striving to eliminate the environmental risks and impacts of mining. 


The Vision and Mission will be accomplished by implementing three goals:


Goal A - Bring together Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice to have truly open, informed dialogue on various matters:

A-1: Share lessons, gather information on gaps

A-2: Grow our non-CIM network & engagement


Goal B - Work towards prevention of future failures and mitigate existing environmental impacts to meet sustainable development goals:

B-1: Investigate to identify & prioritize current and emerging risks

B-2: By focus area, compile knowledge & strategies

B-3: Develop content


Goal C: Bring it all together in best practice guidelines for future developments

C-1: Host webinars/engagement sessions by focus area – share what we learn from industry, share what can be done better & how

C-2: Develop best practice guidance & distribute


In particular, ESRS intends to implement our Vision and Mission through a number of Working Groups (WGs):

Lessons Learned WG | Contact: David Clarry MaryCarmen Vera 

Networking and Dialogue WG | Contact: Joceyln Fraser 

Tailings and Waste Management WG | Contact: Alistair Kent 

Water Management WG | Contact: Mark Wallgren 

Environmental management and adaptation WG | Contact: Gabriel Castille 

Closure and Reclamation Standard WG | Contact: Isabelle Levesque 

ES&G Guidance WG | Contact: Jen Hill / Richard Cook