History of the Mining Society of Nova Scotia

In the latter part of the 19th century there was a great deal of activity in mining in Nova Scotia, especially in gold and coal. Because of this activity, in 1885, The American Institute of Mining Engineers held its annual meeting in Halifax, NS. This prestigious meeting may well have been the spark that led to a local mining organization, since, early in 1887 a group of the best known mining men in the province met in Halifax and under a motion of J.H. Townsend, the Gold Miners Club of Nova Scotia was formed. It was the first professional mining association in Canada and turned out to be the direct antecedent of both the Mining Society of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. A slate of officers was elected and Ben Wison became its first President. R.G. Leckie and John Hardman were Vice-Presidents. See: An Act to Incorporate the "Gold Miners Association of Nova Scotia, Limited

In 1892, prompted by a threatened royalty on coal, the Mining industry of Nova Scotia closed ranks and the Gold Miners Club became The Mining Society of Nova Scotia. Henry S. Poole was elected President.

A short time later the formation of a national mining group was to take place. Leading to its formation was the Federation of the Ontario Mining Institute, The Quebec Mining Association, and the Mining Society of Nova Scotia.

One of the main reasons for joining the Federation was to release the Society from the job of publishing its own proceedings - the year was 1894. Further meetings took place to discuss the ramifications of the Union but by 1896, the Canadian institute of mining was firmly established with its first chairman, R.G. Leckie.

Our relationship with the National body began as an autonomous one. With the demise of the Federation in 1896, the Society decided to revise its own Journal for the publication of its transactions and did so until the last issue in 1917.

Throughout the early years of the 20th century, Sexton, Gary and others were working on an affiliation with the National body. Finally in 1918 at our Annual meeting of the Society in New Glasgow, The Mining Society of Nova Scotia became an affiliate of the CIM, but maintaining its name, remaining self-governing, and keeping the use of any grants or donations for its own purpose. In return for a fee, the Institute would relieve the Society of all expenses in the publication of their transactions.


John H. Anderson

Charles F. Andrews

A.B. Cox

Clarence H. Dimock

Geo. E. Francklyn

L.W. Getchell

John E. Hardman

Alonozo A. Hayward

Robt. G. Leckie

W.L. Lindsay

E.M. MacDonald

G.F. MacNaughton

Geo. A. Pyke

H.A. Sanders

Geo. W. Stuart

C.E. Willis

Benjamin C. Wilson

Past Presidents

2017                    Lucas Dickie

2016-17               Gary Chew 

2015-16               Chris Barron 

2014-15               Ed Carey 

2013-14               Regan Isenor 

2012-13               Willie McNeil 

2011-12               Matt Ferguson 

2010-11               Dan MacLeod 

2009-10               Bob MacDonald 

2008-09               Gordon Dickie 

2007-08               Dan MacDonald 

2006-07               Paul Smith 

2005-06               Fenton Isenor 

2004-05               Will Felderhof 

2003-04               Sam Schwartz 

2002-03               Alan Davidson 

2001-02               Kevin Beaton 

2000-01               Howard Donohoe 

1999-00               David Forrester 

1998-99               Wayne Morrison 

1997-98               John Fitzgerald 

1996-97               Russell Logan 

1995-96               Wayne Rogers 

1994-95               Greg Isenor 

1993-94               Terry Davis 

1992-93               William Mundle 

1991-92               Wayne LeBlanc 

1990-91               Frank Nolan 

1989-90               H. R. Oldale 

1988-89               Roy C. Mosher 

1987-88               Robert Cooper 

1986-87               Stephen Farrell 

1985-86               John A. Amirault 

1984-85               Reid Martin 

1983-84               Raymond T. Carman 

1982-83               Don W. McAdam 

1981-82               Dr. P. Hacquebard 

1980-81               Joseph Phalen 

1979-80               John Logan 

1978-79               R.I. Grant 

1977-78               Gordon W. Ross 

1976-77               John J. Bardswich 

1975-76               Frank S. Shea 

1974-75               J.C. Marsh 

1973-74               J.R. Cameron 

1972-73               Dr. W.S. Shaw 

1971-72               John E. Terry 

1970-71               A. Roy MacLean 

1969-70               J.P. Nowlan 

1968-69               S. Gorddon Naish 

1967-68               John J. Laffin 

1966-67               D.M. MacMillan 

1965-66               W.E. MacDonald 

1964-65               H.A. Marshall 

1963-64               D.W. MacFadgen 

1962-63               Sid C. Mifflin 

1961-62               Frank S. Jones 

1960-61               Louis Frost 

1959-60               M.G. Goudge 

1958-59               E. Sterling MacLean 

1957-58               D. Owen Hartigan 

1956-57               Angus MacDonald 

1955-56               Edward D. Brown 

1954-55               Frank Doxey 

1953-54               Reginald Charlick 

1952-53               J.A. Russell 

1951-52               Donald J. MacNeil 

1950-51               John H. Fraser 

1949-50               David G. Burchell 

1948-49               Thomas J. Casey 

1947-48               Robert R. Dickson 

1946-47               Sherred A. Willis 

1945-46               William S. MacDonald 

1944-45               Alan E. Cameron 

1943-44               William S. Wilson 

1941-43               Garfield G. Bowser 

1940-41               Hugh B. Gillis 

1939-40               A. Edward Flynn 

1938-39               Donald F. McDonald 

1937-38               Alex McEachern 

1936-37               Norman T. Avard 

1935-36               James R. Dinn 

1934-35               A.L. Hay 

1933-34               John P. Messervey 

1932-33               John C. Nicholson 

1931-32               Michael Dwyer 

1930-31               Thomas L. McColl 

1929-30               John J. McDougall 

1928-29               Walter Herd 

1927-28               Francis W. Gray 

1925-27               Alex S. MacNeil 

1923-25               Charles M. Odell 

1921-23               George D. McDougall 

1920-21               Alfred J. Tonge 

1918-20               Thomas L. Cantley 

1915-18               Donald H. MacDougall 

1913-15               Frederick H. Sexton 

1911-13               Gerard J. Partington 

1909-11               Thomas J. Brown 

1907-09               Charles J. Coll 

1905-07               Alonzo A. Hayward 

1904-05               Clarence H. Dimock 

1903-04               Cornelius Shields 

1902-03               Geo. W. Stuart 

1900-02               Wilbur L. Libbey 

1898-00               Charles Fergie 

1896-98               Robert G. Leckie 

1895-96               Richard H. Brown 

1894-95               John E. Hardman

1892-94               Henry S. Poole

1887-92               Ben C. Wilson